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Tivoli Farm Tour


Tivoli is primarily a working farm for cattle, sheep, and goats. There are no local lions or cheetahs, but there are hyenas. When a male hyena comes of age, he must leave the family unit to establish his own territory.

FLI Namibia Tour Group
FLI Namibia Farm Worker

Kirsten gave some of us a tour of the farm.

One of the Schreibers' farm workers. The farm has several modes of transportation.

FLI Namibia Windmill
FLI Namibia Water Pool

Windmills are constantly pumping up well water for the livestock.


FLI Namibia Sheep
FLI Namibia Goats



FLI Namibia Warthogs
FLI Namibia Warthogs

Local warthogs


FLI Namibia Tour Sunset

Sunset at the dunes



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