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Tivoli Observatories


Tivoli became an astro-imaging center in 1986 in preparation for the arrival of Halley's Comet. There are seven permanent observatories on the farm, plus eight piers and miscellaneous concrete pads. The observatories are designed by a German expatriate local to the farm.

FLI Namibia Wolfgang Promper
FLI Namibia Wolfgang Promper

Wolfgang Promper came from Austria to train, mentor, problem solve and of course take astronomical images.


FLI Namibia Observatory
FLI Namibia Russian Observatory

Observatories are up off the ground to keep wood from the termites and avoid poor seeing from ground currents.

This observatory is owned by a Russian.

FLI Namibia Greg Terrance
FLI Namibia Greg Terrance

Warm during the day.

Chilly at night

FLI Namibia Wolfgang Promper Image
FLI Namibia Night

NGC6589, courtesy Wolfgang Promper. About 2 hours of total exposure taken with a back-illuminated PL3041. See more images Here

Tivoli at night. See a spectacular time-lapse video of Namibian skies shot by Walter Hildebrand Here

FLI Namibia Tour Landscape

A participant mated his 10" f/3 hyperbolic astrograph to a ProLine PL16803. The results were spectacular - pinpoint star images from edge to edge over a wide swath of the amazing dark southern sky.



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